Lisa Guerriero is a Canadian born photographer who was raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles during the 70s.

She picked up her first camera at fifteen and hasn't put it down since. Her first few years were spent photographing the streets of Hollywood in black and white and printing on the weekends in the community darkroom.

Her fascination with Americana started at a young age after years of spending summer vacations in 50s motels with her family.

At the age of nineteen, she started working in the movie and television industry as a Camera Assistant. Five years ago, she decided to leave Hollywood for small-town America and began concentrating solely on her documentary photography projects.

In recent years, she has learned to use her photography as a tool to help her cope with her long-term depression, and now spends every summer traversing the U.S. to photograph people in small towns who want to share their stories. Every summer you can find her eating corn-on-the-cob at a county fair, in some small Midwestern town.




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